beautiful easy going kitchen | design by Donald Lococo Architects; photo by John Cole

in the clear chilling in the shade summer refreshments watermelon - summer perfect treat

summer fresh

It’s no secret that Venetian glass objects are the crème-de-la-creme of the glass world. The skilled glass artists on the island of Murano in Venice, Italy practice the centuries-old craft of fashioning exquisite glass treasures.. (via Venetian glass lamps)

lovely outdoor space

life is good

lovely blues; photo by Angie Seckinger

It’s a new week, let’s start fresh

summer pick nick idea

summer fresh

coastal bathroom | Darien Island Home (private residence) by Cardello Architects

Gorgeous coastal bedroom . Ever so often people ask me what is the right size of the ceiling dome (or medallion) for the particular room size. The truth is it is never a right or wrong size, it’s all about executing your vision. Be daring, and unafraid to let the ceiling dome become the signature element of the room. Darien Island Home (private residence) by Cardello Architects

It’s all about the view :)

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