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beautiful dining room; Interior design by Rabaut Design Associates; photography by Chris Little

The heart of that home has always been the kitchen that deserves to be as beautiful as the spirit of the owner… interior design by Diane Dourcher Interiors; photography by Peter Rymwid

The shape and design of this wall sconce represents the much admired aesthetic of 18 century

The profusion of foliage, floral motif and the scrolled candle arms give this 18th-century French style sconce it’s charming character

mirror, mirror on the wall….

In the kitchen, the modern style is more updated and refreshed. It is a place where the reflective surfaces, hard, straight edges, and the latest technology abound. The original modern style forms are spiced up with the designers giving the style a new spin…

Modern style is usually associates with clean lines, no simple architectural embellishments, clean line baseboard and molding

A vigorous yellow wall showcases the bright white original plaster work. Architectural embellishments of this fabulous English country estate are intricate and sophisticated. Estate located in Kent, UK.

beautiful antique clock

Lovely and comfortable room with yellow accents. Love the luminous yellow background on the cabinets,  and lighthearted yellow upholstery… Susan Greenleaf San Francisco home

Pretty in yellow. Kentucky Derby hat

sweet and sour….

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